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Last updated: September 2019

The Sunday Times

Professors bullied into silence as students cry transphobia (p10 lead, top performing on digital)

‘Bullying by transgender student could cost me my visa,’ says postgraduate (p4 lead, top performing on digital)

Vote-rigger’s role casts doubt over Labour win in Peterborough (over 6k shares and a page 4 page lead in print)

Stonewall is using its power to stifle trans debate, say top academics (my pitch) + letter signed by 35 leading academics, initiated as part of the piece

Academic faces sack for letter to Sunday Times that criticised training on trans issues (follow up on the above Stonewall exclusive which prompted a fierce debate among many thousands online and across newspaper titles).

Exam board calls for police over Edexcel A‑level maths leak

GCSE maths exam question copied from textbook

Dogs get stressed out by young children, study suggests

(“) Door’s open to easy living at university (News Review lead in print)

The Telegraph

Scoop, p2 lead: First ever Maths A-level where getting almost half of answers wrong will get you an A (£) (made every national and BBC News at 10)

Scoop, p2 lead: Girls schools could admit trans boys under proposals being considered by equalities watchdog

Pupils ‘triggered’ by calorie-counting question in maths test have the right to complain, says exam board 

University’s policy sparks backlash after saying  transgender people must be ‘positively represented’

Exam board apologises after GCSE pupils ‘triggered’ by question on rape story

Transgender young people who are medically treated risk ‘serious and irreversible damage’, leading psychiatrist warns (£)

Youth being put at risk by transgender books that ‘misrepresent’ medical knowledge, academic claims

Feminist academics in uproar over new union chief’s ‘Terf blocker’ as they complain of assault on free speech

Lecturers warned not to pressure students into avoiding classes ahead of latest round of strikes

Student officer in charge of ensuring people behave on nights out is punched in face after confronting topless man

Britain’s new fighter jet to star in 100-aircraft display for RAF centenary 

Prisoner of War suit from Gulf War to go on display for first time

Children ‘behave like robots’ after spending too much time with digital toys, professor warns (£)

University league tables fuel a toxic undercurrent of snobbery

Feature: What happens when things don’t go to plan on A-level results day?

The Independent – plus more on author profile here

Parents need training to spot signs children are suicidal, says mother after 17-year-old son took own life

Sheffield student investigated after offensive messages about women

Doctor sacked for refusing to refer to transgender woman as ‘she’ (192,000 shares)

Emiliano Sala: Two in court charged with allegedly leaking CCTV footage of body in mortuary

Firefighter rescues hedgehog family in his truck after finding one member suffocated in a plastic bag

Tommy Robinson case: Judges to reveal exactly why EDL founder is in contempt of court

Sadiq Khan honours victims of the 7/7 London bombings

Parents of youngest Manchester bombing victim open memorial at her primary school

Women banned from graduating by Edinburgh University awarded degrees 150 years later

Forgotten dinosaurs’ returning from edge of extinction after sightings in US rivers

DWP ‘bans jobcentres from referring people to food banks’

Hundreds to march on Warwick University over handling of rape threats

Parents of pupils in ‘failing’ Steiner schools fight against Ofsted

Vice-chancellor urged to ‘resign’ over handling of rape threats

Nearly half of academy chains under spotlight offer more pay rises

The i Paper online (plus 50+ more bylines in print)

Women’s World Cup TV ratings at all-time high sending ‘crucial’ message

BBC reporter Rory Cellan Jones learned he had Parkinson’s disease after viewer spotted early symptoms

Childline receives 6,000 calls from young people struggling with sexuality and gender identity

Animal rights protesters shut down ‘unicorn’ show accusing organisers of abusing ponies

Welsh museum makes history after beats household names to win prestigious £100,000 arts honour

Town’s residents laughing in the street at half-finished zebra crossing

Primary pupils ‘being groomed to carry drugs’ by county lines gangs, charity warns

Stay away from Mars until you’ve conquered the Moon, British astronaut Major Tim Peake says

Donald Trump sets the record straight on calling Meghan Markle ‘nasty’ in fiery interview with Piers Morgan

Bristol university bans Free Speech Society from hosting talk on extreme speakers after Islamophobia complaints

Opinion: I lost hundreds of pounds worth of teaching during last year’s university strikes. I want a refund

Tokyo hotel serves £700 burger to welcome new Emperor

Angry reaction at the ‘bizarre’ end to Jussie Smollett race attack case

Russian oligarch wins back £330m superyacht in historic divorce battle

Marriage is becoming ‘more social and less sacred’ as church ceremonies hit a record low

Debenhams agrees £200m lifeline – but Mike Ashley could still move in

A businessman was detained at Gatwick Airport for wearing ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ badge

A company in China forced staff to drink urine and eat cockroaches if they failed to reach sales targets

San Francisco votes to make tech giants pay ‘homeless tax’

Pensioner turns up at home two months after his family buried him

Dog owners banned from walking their dogs in public or during the day in Chinese city

Brittany Ferries warn that customers are putting off French holidays due to Brexit

HuffPost UK

Sheffield Uni Professor Leaves Post After Accusations Of Promoting Conspiracy Theories

Universal Credit: Meet The Woman Taking On The DWP Over Her Daughter’s Death

Opinion: This Movember, Remember That The Tories Have Destroyed Men’s Mental Health And Left Volunteers To Pick Up The Pieces

Forge Press

Sheffield University lecturer under fire for ‘undermining anti-Semitism’ in Labour Party

Sheffield University ‘conspiracy theory’ professor quits

Revealed: Sheffield SU ‘exploiting’ its least paid staff in angry standoff

Revealed: University of Sheffield ‘betrayal’ over fossil fuel divestment failure

Tony got his flypast: the incredible story that captured Sheffield and the nation

Sheffield City Council shreds ‘Weinstein Burger’ after Feminist Society pressure

Exclusive: Randy’s Sheffield, the ‘Weinstein Burger’ restaurant, is in rent arrears

‘Terror’ at Reclaim the Night: Sheffield SU officer claims women were ‘spat’ at on march

Revealed: CODE bar crawl controversy prompts Sheffield SU clamp down

BREAKING: Sheffield lecturers reject deal that could have seen strike cancelled

Sport goes social to promote happiness and wellbeing

Hundreds of students and staff defiantly march through Sheffield demanding fair pensions

Green Party leader calls Uni of Sheffield Vice-Chancellor’s salary “obscene”


Schools Are The ‘Unofficial Emergency Service’ For The Victims Of Britain’s Poverty, Head Teachers Warn

Home Office Broke Law In Treatment Of Highly Skilled Migrants, Court Rules

Funding Shortfalls For Special Educational Needs Causing ‘Untold Misery’

The NHS Must Give Women More Choice on Abortion, Says Watchdog

Autism Going Undiagnosed In Young Girls And Transgender Children

Scottish Government Set To Miss Targets On Child Poverty

Breaking: Former British Soldier To Be Charged Over Bloody Sunday Shootings

Universal Credit Should Reward Job Hunters Putting In ‘Maximum Effort’, Says Thinktank

School To Discuss Parent Concerns About Curriculum, After Protests Over LGBT+ Education

Vulnerable Children Are Being Targeted By Gangs

No-Deal Brexit Could Threaten Lives Of Diabetes Patients, Charities Warn

Mental Health Act Needs Sweeping Reform To Bring Rights ‘Into The 21st Century’

RightsInfo news features

What Happened To London 2012’s Paralympic Legacy?

The Landmark Legal Challenge to Universal Credit System Explained

Hopes And Fears: We Asked Erasmus Students About Their Rights As Brexit Draws Closer

The Biggest Challenges Ahead For Britain’s New Education Secretary

North Devon Gazette

Busy bank holiday weekend for ambulance crews in North Devon

Brexit hate crime steers clear of North Devon

Pictures: ‘You’re not welcome here’ say Barnstaple Trump protesters

First Barnstaple Pride march is a ‘landmark moment’

Wounded veterans dive beneath Lundy Island coast to explore shipwreck

Pictures: Thousands flock to Pilton Green Man Festival 2018

Virtual monsters pop up all over North Devon as Pokémon craze sweeps Britain

Pictures and video: Rapturous applause at festival to honour Pilton’s late greats

Bideford woman hopes to share 40th birthday party with Gary Barlow

Heritage steamship begins voyage to Bideford

North Devon athletes compete on national stage at Gateshead

Quaking good time at Chulmleigh old fair

Bideford awards citizen of the year for ‘tireless’ work in community

Investigation: Professor Piers Robinson Leaves Sheffield Uni Post After Accusations Of Promoting Conspiracy Theories

Forge Press, Huffington Post

See this published for HuffPost UK

Following another of my exclusive investigations at university newspaper Forge Press, I was approached by HuffPost UK to work on an investigative news piece on Sheffield University senior lecturer Piers Robinson. I provided additional reporting through interviews with several students, contacting and developing a rapport over the story with Sheffield University’s press office, and contacting Piers himself for a right to reply.

My reporting for the university newspaper, receiving thousands of page views and hundreds of shares, combined with months of investigative work by HuffPost UK led to this academic ‘leaving’ his post two weeks after my report.

It was featured on HuffPost UK’s main Facebook and Twitter accounts, with millions of followers.

Parents need training to spot signs children are suicidal, says mother after 17-year-old son took own life

The Independent

Ewan worked hard and was very proud of this news feature on LGBT+ mental health among young people, published for The Independent.

See this published for The Independent here

After Pat Sowa told a conference of teachers about how her son Dom took his life after experiencing bullying for his sexuality at school, Ewan reached out to Pat. He interviewed her about what could be done to make LGBT+ young people, like himself as a gay man, better in the education system. LGBT+ mental health is an issue he feels very passionate about and he would appreciate it if you read the piece, which he hopes sends a vital message of change.

Former British Soldier To Be Charged Over Bloody Sunday Shootings


See this breaking news story on the landmark Bloody Sunday criminal investigation published for RightsInfo here:

One former British soldier is to be charged with the murders of two men and the attempted murders of four others over the Bloody Sunday shootings in Londonderry.

Soldier F will face prosecution for the murders of James Wray and William McKinney and the attempted murders of Joseph Friel, Michael Quinn, Joe Mahon and Patrick O’Donnell.

There was insufficient evidence to provide a reasonable prospect of conviction for the other 16 former soldiers, the Public Prosecution Service said.

Families gathered outside The Museum of Free Derry, yards from where the killings took place 47 years ago, and marched together to the city centre to hear the decision.

A murder investigation was launched by police into the events of the fateful day in January 1972 when 13 civil rights activists were shot dead in Derry, Northern Ireland, and 15 others wounded.

Following the largest and most expensive ever public inquiry in the UK, the Public Prosecution Service of Northern Ireland investigated charges of murder, attempted murder and grievous bodily injury with intent to endanger life.

One former soldier from Parachute Regiment’s 1stbattalion will now face charges of murder and attempted murder.Commemoration 35 years on from Bloody Sunday.

Twenty subjects were interviewed by police in the investigation including two former ‘Official IRA’ members, but one of the soldiers has since died.

For Michael McKinney, Jean Hegarty and John Kelly and so many others whose loved ones never returned home from Derry that afternoon, it is a day that marks years of searching for closure.

“I was with Michael when he was shot,” said Kelly, recalling the tragic day 47 years ago. “I went in the ambulance with him. I can still see him lying there after being shot. He was a young boy.”

Speaking to The Guardian, the 70-year-old continued: “His face turned grey and a sort of green colour. I was in the mortuary afterwards. There were nine or 10 bodies. It was pure carnage. My mother never got over the loss of her son.”

The outcome of the £195m inquiry which trawled through 668 witness statements and many visual and 125,000 pages of written documents, saw Lord Saville declare the killings “unjustified and unjustifiable”.

It brought into focus the right to life, and where the responsibilities of the state begin and end when investigating deaths.

Speaking following the conclusion in 2010 which brought some peace for the victims, Prime Minister David Cameron also gave the families a heartfelt apology.

But however much the events of that day are retold in grieving minds, official investigations into what happened have been mired in controversy.

The initial Widgery Tribunal “was veiled in secrecy, subject to political influence, and negligent in its failure to consider crucial eye-witness testimony,” Human Rights Watch said amid the launch of the landmark Lord Savile review in 1998.

The charity welcomed the decision of the British government to form a new review with full judicial weight, stating that “the relatives of victims have a right to know the truth about the events of Bloody Sunday.”

But it is not just the inquiries which have raised ill feeling. Northern Ireland legislation currently limits sentences committed after 1973 to a maximum of two years.

Speaking to The Guardian, Paul O’Connor of the Pat Finucane Centre in Derry explained: “From 1970 on, soldiers had a de facto amnesty in Northern Ireland.

“Documents from the National Archives show there were discussions between the attorney general and the chiefs of staff where they made it quite clear they would do everything in their power to protect soldiers from prosecution.”

Featured Image: Bloody Sunday mural in Derry. Credit: Suzanne Mischyshyn

Universal Credit Should Reward Job Hunters Putting In ‘Maximum Effort’, Says Thinktank


Universal Credit claimants seen to be putting in the “maximum effort” to find work should be rewarded with a financial “prize”, a conservative think tank has suggested.

In an effort to make Universal Credit, the government’s controversial streamlined welfare system, seem more attractive in the public eye, think tank Bright Blue recommends a supplement be integrated into benefit payments for those “meeting the most demanding conditions around job seeking”.

Another option would be to reward a biannual £1,000 cash prize to claimants.

The report also calls for compensation payments if a jobcentre fails to pay benefits on time or cancels promised skills courses.

The money could total hundreds or thousands of pounds, and would be viewed as respite to the many benefit seekers who have been let down or turned away by job centres since the rollout of the new benefit, which unites six benefits including disability and housing support under one umbrella.

Unfairness That Must Change

Addressing one of many controversies around how just the reforms really are, Bright Blue branded it unfair that benefits sanctions are placed on claimants for missing appointments and yet job centre officials can get away without a penalty for their errors.

Another thinktank last month revealed new figures showing a rise in income inequality in 2018, which critics argue is largely the fault of the Universal Credit benefits reforms which are “driving people into destitution”.

One of Universal Credit’s key failings, say critics, is forcing claimants to wait up to five weeks for their first benefit payment. The right-leaning thinktank says a one-off initial “helping hand” payment should be made that covers a quarter of the expected first month’s sum to help offset financial stress.

Last month Citizen’s Advice found that the 35-day delay was reducing nearly half of the claimants it helped to living without the money to afford basic essentials such as food or heating, while 54 per cent had to borrow funds from family and friends to pay bills and stay afloat.

Widespread Cynicism Over Universal Credit Access

The authors of the report agreed with Universal Credit as a system in principle but sympathised with the interviewees who said it was ‘distressing’, ‘confusing’ and ‘challenging’, prompting them to call for mental health and disability workers in every job centre.

In another siren call to ensure “equal treatment of all actors in the universal credit system…[thus] sustaining public and specifically claimants’ support for it,” claimants should be given the right to an independent appeal for compensation if sanctions imposed by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) were judged to have broken rules, the report added.

Amid widespread cynicism among those claimants interviewed that the system has been made intentionally difficult to access, other suggested reforms included a smartphone app for those without a computer, and a live chat feature when claimants login online.

Too Much Hardship

Ryan Shorthouse, the director of Bright Blue and a co-author of the report, said: “Despite welcome improvements made by the government in recent years, there are too many examples and too much evidence of significant hardship experienced by a sizeable minority of those on universal credit.”

A DWP spokesperson labelled the rollout of Universal Credit a success story: “We welcome the report’s finding that the majority of people have had a smooth move on to universal credit, appreciating the simple monthly payment and work coach support.”

The DWP was last month accused of trying to “hide” the level of Universal Credit claimants relying on food banks, weeks after the Trussel Trust found that the two issues were inextricably linked as the use of foodbanks increased by 52 per cent in areas where the reforms had been in place for over a year.

Work and Pensions secretary Amber Rudd backtracked slightly, conceding in February that the rollout of the new system, in the context of a wider benefits squeeze, had helped cause the hike in emergency food bank use.

School To Discuss Parent Concerns About Curriculum, After Protests Over LGBT+ Education


See this published for RightsInfo here:

A primary school that taught children about LGBT+ relationships in an effort to combat homophobia and instil the right to equality in the next generation has said it will hold discussions to address parent concerns about the curriculum after 80 per cent of its pupils were withdrawn by parents in protest. The school has also said that it will not be delivering the lessons up to the end of term.

Parkfield Community School has faced a backlash by predominantly Muslim parents over its ‘No Outsiders’ programme, which uses same-sex stories and activities to instil knowledge and acceptance of homosexual relationships in children between the ages of four and 11.

The school in Alum Rock, Birmingham, had written to parents asking for the “upsetting” weekly protests staged outside its gates to stop, which have seen chants of “shame” from crowds and signs including “education not indoctrination”.

The curriculum, designed to meet the requirements of the Equality Act, was being piloted with five lessons each year featuring stories such as Mommy, Mama and Me and King & King to teach the children that homosexuality is as mainstream and normal as opposite sex attraction.

But rather than being seen merely as a forward-thinking programme that reflects modern society and the advancement of LGBT+ rights in recent years, the parents at the school escalated the row by taking around 600 pupils out of classes claiming that teachers were corrupting the innocence of their children and not honouring their faith.

Discussions Over Lesson Delivery

Facebook group Alum Rock Community Forum celebrated the school becoming “a ghost town” as only 140 students turned up of 700, and claimed the progressive education was “undermining of parental rights and aggressively promoting homosexuality & LGBT lifestyle”.

Leaving many in disbelief that such scenes are still unfolding in 2019, one father at the school Abdul Ma, 46, told The Sun: “This is a brainwash. We bring our children here so they can later work as a solicitor or a teacher, not to be taught about being gay or a lesbian.”

Senior managers at the school, which is rated outstanding by Ofsted and recognises tolerance, personal liberty and respect as core British values, have said discussions will take place about the delivery of the lessons, citing that “the ethos, the books, the age appropriateness, the lessons and the assemblies” made parents uncomfortable.

In a letter to parents, Excel Multi Academy Trust, which runs the school, added: “The school encourages parents to ask their children what No Outsiders is really about, as the children are very clear there is no focus on one aspect of equality, rather No Outsiders teaches that everyone is welcome.”

The programme was developed by assistant headteacher Andrew Moffatt, who was forced to defend the curriculum after 400 parents signed a petition calling for the lessons to be abolished.

Moffat, who has been awarded an MBE for his work in equality education, became a target for the angry parents after he was open about his same-sex civil partnership in class. He says he has been abused with a leaflet campaign and one parent was heard blasting “get Mr Moffatt out” through a megaphone at the school perimeter.

A Welcoming Ethos For All

The school is due to stop delivering the lessons to the end of term, but has denied that this was a U-turn. “In our Long Term Year Curriculum Plan, this half term has already been blocked for Religious Education (RE). Equality assemblies will continue as normal and our welcoming No Outsiders ethos will be there for all,” they wrote.

Mr Moffatt, who has made the top ten of the prestigious million-dollar Varkey Foundation Global teacher Prize, said that dozens of pupils at the school had supported him through the ordeal.

“I was inundated with little posters and cards that children had made at home saying, ‘No outsiders. Everyone is welcome,’” the teacher told The Independent.

“The first one I got I was quite shocked.”

READ MORE: Opinion – Teaching Young People About LGBTQ+ Issues Is Vital, Whatever Your Religion Or Beliefs

Parent Fatima Shah sowed the seeds of the protest, telling the BBC: “We don’t have an issue with them learning that yes, you will come across same-sex couples.”

Insisting that the challenge does not come from a site of homophobia, she added: “What we have a problem is his promoting of homosexuality, and that is what he is doing. Telling children as young as four that it’s ok to be gay. It just doesn’t go with our beliefs, our rights”.

Following a meeting between the Board of Trustees for the academy, local MP Liam Byrne, parents and Andrew Warren, the Regional Schools Commissioner for the West Midlands, the Trust agreed in a letter to parents to launch a consultation with parents this half term to “explore equality education at Parkfield”.

Ofsted chief Amanda Spielman defended the school, judging it essential that children know that families can “have two mummies or two daddies”.

Universal credit: DWP ‘bans jobcentres from referring people to food banks’

The Independent

This story, Ewan’s fourth for The Independent, saw Ewan work closely with Social Affairs correspondent May Bulman on an in-depth scoop about an alleged government cover-up involving food banks and Universal Credit. It was shared more than 15,000 times on social media and had a reach of hundreds of thousands.

See it published for The Independent here:

Nearly half of academy chains under spotlight for six-figure salaries have offered more pay rises

The Independent

Ewan co-bylined this story for The Independent on rising pay of academy bosses at a time when the education system is facing a crisis. He provided the research/analysis element of the story, delving into the accounts of 28 academy trusts to find levels of pay and, crucially, whether they had increased on the previous year – an analysis that went on to be the top line for the story.

See it published for The Independent here:

Warwick University vice-chancellor urged to resign over handling of rape threats in student group chat

The Independent

In this co-bylined story for The Independent, Ewan flagged to the newsdesk to the fact that Warwick University students were marching on campus against the institution’s handling of the group chat scandal, he followed the lively reaction from Warwick University’s campus using TweetDeck and gathered photos and quotes from students on campus about what was happening and how they felt.

Parents of children in ‘failing’ Steiner schools fight back against Ofsted

The Independent

Writing for The Independent, Ewan interviewed several parents from Steiner Schools across the country and researched several campaigns by Steiner parents against Ofsted for this Independent story, focusing on those school communities fighting back against damning Steiner judgements.

Hundreds to protest at Warwick University over handling of students suspended over rape threats

The Independent

In his first story for The Independent, Ewan interviewed one of the victims of the Warwick University group chat scandal and researched the different elements of the story with the Education Correspondent

Vulnerable Children Are Being Targeted By Gangs


Read Ewan’s digital news story on a major report warning that many of Britain’s most vulnerable children are slipping through the net into violent gangs. It was written freelance for specialist human rights publication RightsInfo.

No-Deal Brexit Could Threaten Lives Of Diabetes Patients, Charities Warn


Read Ewan’s news report on Brexit and health rights for specialist human rights publication, RightsInfo. Ewan was commended by the editors for this piece after it went on to get nearly 700 shares on social media and lively interaction on Facebook comment sections, thus ‘popping’ online as a story:

See Ewan’s latest uni newspaper reporting…

Forge Press, Forge Today online

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 19.27.02

In his roles as Online News Editor and senior news reporter at Forge Press, the Uni of Sheffield’s award-winning independent student newspaper, Ewan is always working on an exclusive story or a scoop. Recently this involved his stories being on the front page of the new rebranded Forge Press for one month, for the first three editions of the year.

His latest for Forge Press can be found right here.

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 19.28.49


Five years reporting on a local Archant news desk…

North Devon Gazette

Below are just some of Ewan’s numerous bylines for his local Archant title, the award-winning North Devon Gazette.

stories from summer 2018 here 

more since 2014: search the ‘north devon gazette’ tag on this site!

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 03.00.11

Shown are only a selection from 2018 – Ewan has been reporting for the Gazette since 2014

Selected stories

Busy bank holiday weekend for ambulance crews in North Devon

Brexit hate crime steers clear of North Devon

Pictures: ‘You’re not welcome here’ say Barnstaple Trump protesters

First Barnstaple Pride march is a ‘landmark moment’

Wounded veterans dive beneath Lundy Island coast to explore shipwreck

Pictures: Thousands flock to Pilton Green Man Festival 2018

Virtual monsters pop up all over North Devon as Pokémon craze sweeps Britain

Pictures and video: Rapturous applause at festival to honour Pilton’s late greats

Bideford woman hopes to share 40th birthday party with Gary Barlow

Heritage steamship begins voyage to Bideford

North Devon athletes compete on national stage at Gateshead

Quaking good time at Chulmleigh old fair

Bideford awards citizen of the year for ‘tireless’ work in community

Pictures: ‘You’re not welcome here’ say Barnstaple Trump protesters

North Devon Gazette

See this published

Around 100 people gathered in Barnstaple Square tonight to protest against the Donald Trump’s visit to Britain, “standing shoulder to shoulder to say go away Trump, you’re not welcome here.”

Britain’s new fighter jet to star in 100-aircraft display for RAF centenary


See this published on The Telegraph

Britain’s new fighter jet will be at the centre of the most spectacular flypast in recent memory when the RAF celebrates its 100th anniversary this summer. It will be the debut appearance of the Lightning, and the first time the public have seen it since it arrived in the UK earlier this month.

Hundreds of students and staff defiantly march through Sheffield demanding fair pensions

Forge Press, Forge Today online, Uncategorized

See it published: Forge Press. This was a lead story in the print paper.

Scenes of defiance, anger and determination erupted across Sheffield City Centre today as hundreds of students and striking lecturers marched in unity against cuts to staff pensions.

Students, locals and lecturers rally together in defiant show of solidarity outside Firth Court

Forge Press, Forge Today online

See it published for Forge Press. This was featured as a splash in print.

Flares, passionate chants and dancing were on show outside Firth Court today as hundreds of students, lecturers and local people rallied together in support of the UCU strike.

Green Party leader calls Vice Chancellor’s salary “obscene”

Forge Press

See this published for Forge Press. This made the front page in print.

Caroline Lucas has called the salary of the University’s Vice-Chancellor Keith Burnett “obscene” and supported the striking Sheffield lecturers whilst visiting the city.

The Landmark Legal Challenge to Universal Credit System Explained


See it published on RightsInfo here. Shared over 300 times on social media.

A controversial new social security benefit, currently being rolled out across the UK, is facing a major legal challenge. But what’s the challenge all about and what impact might it have? 

A Cabinet Reshuffle Can’t Change Careless People: A Window on Dead Modern Britain From The Failed Generation

Huffington Post, Uncategorized

See it published on HuffPost. This piece was promoted to the front of the Politics page Huffpost UK website, reaching millions of readers.

Most national websites offer similar advice for bloggers, centred around being specific; keeping the subject narrow. But when everyone does this, we can lose a broader perspective. You could say that’s for books and docs, but come on let’s be realistic – I’m a uni student.

A Labour Party in pieces


See it published

We all knew that there would be a political fall out in the event of a Brexit, but we never expected it to be this sudden and extreme. The Labour Party is crumbling before our eyes, disintegrating into chaos, and its very own leader is at the epicentre of it all.

Jo Cox, the “wonderful woman”


See it published

It’s easy to get carried away with the events of recent weeks, but today we were reminded of the harsh reality of the democracy that we live in. Jo Cox was only 41, elected last year as Labour MP for the North Yorkshire constituency of Batley and Spen. She was a wife, mother of two children and had the world at her feet. As we’ve seen today, her light burned too bright for some to handle, but some lights cannot be extinguished.

EU Ref: Interview with Julie Girling MEP


I filmed this interview with Julie Girling, MEP for South West England and Gibraltar, following an EU debate in North Devon.

This was published for, a brand new local political engagement project, designed to reach out to all demographics, especially young people, using modern, unique, and innovative methods.

Short Film: RNLI Lifeguards


I voluntarily shot this short film for North Devon Moving Image in September 2014 to showcase the brilliant work of the work the RNLI Lifeguards do nationally. This was filmed on one morning at Croyde Beach and I also composed the music. Please give it a watch and share!