Recommendation: Jem Collins

August 2018

Ewan is a dedicated and well-respected member of the RightsInfo team who contributes original articles for us on a freelance basis. He is quick at turning around accurate copy and has a strong track record of producing original and insightful articles.

So far he has produced content on a range of human rights themes, including new ministerial appointments, London 2012’s legacy and the plight of ERASMUS students in the UK, all including a human rights theme interwoven in. His writing is clear and concise, and he is quick to take on constructive criticism.

So far he has proven to be both an excellent member of the team and a strong independent thinker who is able to bring numerous ideas to any meeting, and is quick to communicate. I wouldn’t hestitate to recommend him to any hiring manager or commissioning editor.


Jem Collins is a prominent national freelance journalist and editor. Jem was the News and Social Media editor for RightsInfo, founded Journo Resources, and is a trustee for the Student Publication Association. She has produced online, print and digital work for numerous publications including The i paper and the London Live television channel.


Further reference on request: Camilla Turner – Education Editor, The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph. Contact