Internship, Nov 2018: the i paper

See some my extended online reports here

In only five days, I produced 13 national bylines for the i and iweekend national newspapers. During this internship I:

– attended daily editorial conferences with Olly Duff and the department heads, developing knowledge on the process of setting the agenda of the day and selecting the most interesting stories, relevant to the i’s audience

– pro-actively liaised with the News Editor, newdesk, the Foreign Editor and the Business Editor on a daily basis to find and write concise and engaging stories. Through this work ethic, I came out with 13 bylines in home and world affairs published in the i paper

– worked with the Comment Editor to produce four days of the ‘opinion matrix’, involving researching six topics and 12 stories trending in opinion and comment sections of newspapers/news sites worldwide, then editing short snippets totalling about 70 words and laying them up in the paper

– worked with news reporters and the online/social media editors to write extended stories for the website

– learned how the online editors make the most effective use of WordPress to get the highest reach possible on social channels and on the site, involving extensive knowledge of SEO headlines and URLs