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Last updated: September 2019

The Sunday Times

Professors bullied into silence as students cry transphobia (p10 lead, top performing on digital)

‘Bullying by transgender student could cost me my visa,’ says postgraduate (p4 lead, top performing on digital)

Vote-rigger’s role casts doubt over Labour win in Peterborough (over 6k shares and a page 4 page lead in print)

Stonewall is using its power to stifle trans debate, say top academics (my pitch) + letter signed by 35 leading academics, initiated as part of the piece

Academic faces sack for letter to Sunday Times that criticised training on trans issues (follow up on the above Stonewall exclusive which prompted a fierce debate among many thousands online and across newspaper titles).

Exam board calls for police over Edexcel A‑level maths leak

GCSE maths exam question copied from textbook

Dogs get stressed out by young children, study suggests

(“) Door’s open to easy living at university (News Review lead in print)

The Telegraph

Scoop, p2 lead: First ever Maths A-level where getting almost half of answers wrong will get you an A (£) (made every national and BBC News at 10)

Scoop, p2 lead: Girls schools could admit trans boys under proposals being considered by equalities watchdog

Pupils ‘triggered’ by calorie-counting question in maths test have the right to complain, says exam board 

University’s policy sparks backlash after saying  transgender people must be ‘positively represented’

Exam board apologises after GCSE pupils ‘triggered’ by question on rape story

Transgender young people who are medically treated risk ‘serious and irreversible damage’, leading psychiatrist warns (£)

Youth being put at risk by transgender books that ‘misrepresent’ medical knowledge, academic claims

Feminist academics in uproar over new union chief’s ‘Terf blocker’ as they complain of assault on free speech

Lecturers warned not to pressure students into avoiding classes ahead of latest round of strikes

Student officer in charge of ensuring people behave on nights out is punched in face after confronting topless man

Britain’s new fighter jet to star in 100-aircraft display for RAF centenary 

Prisoner of War suit from Gulf War to go on display for first time

Children ‘behave like robots’ after spending too much time with digital toys, professor warns (£)

University league tables fuel a toxic undercurrent of snobbery

Feature: What happens when things don’t go to plan on A-level results day?

The Independent – plus more on author profile here

Parents need training to spot signs children are suicidal, says mother after 17-year-old son took own life

Sheffield student investigated after offensive messages about women

Doctor sacked for refusing to refer to transgender woman as ‘she’ (192,000 shares)

Emiliano Sala: Two in court charged with allegedly leaking CCTV footage of body in mortuary

Firefighter rescues hedgehog family in his truck after finding one member suffocated in a plastic bag

Tommy Robinson case: Judges to reveal exactly why EDL founder is in contempt of court

Sadiq Khan honours victims of the 7/7 London bombings

Parents of youngest Manchester bombing victim open memorial at her primary school

Women banned from graduating by Edinburgh University awarded degrees 150 years later

Forgotten dinosaurs’ returning from edge of extinction after sightings in US rivers

DWP ‘bans jobcentres from referring people to food banks’

Hundreds to march on Warwick University over handling of rape threats

Parents of pupils in ‘failing’ Steiner schools fight against Ofsted

Vice-chancellor urged to ‘resign’ over handling of rape threats

Nearly half of academy chains under spotlight offer more pay rises

The i Paper online (plus 50+ more bylines in print)

Women’s World Cup TV ratings at all-time high sending ‘crucial’ message

BBC reporter Rory Cellan Jones learned he had Parkinson’s disease after viewer spotted early symptoms

Childline receives 6,000 calls from young people struggling with sexuality and gender identity

Animal rights protesters shut down ‘unicorn’ show accusing organisers of abusing ponies

Welsh museum makes history after beats household names to win prestigious £100,000 arts honour

Town’s residents laughing in the street at half-finished zebra crossing

Primary pupils ‘being groomed to carry drugs’ by county lines gangs, charity warns

Stay away from Mars until you’ve conquered the Moon, British astronaut Major Tim Peake says

Donald Trump sets the record straight on calling Meghan Markle ‘nasty’ in fiery interview with Piers Morgan

Bristol university bans Free Speech Society from hosting talk on extreme speakers after Islamophobia complaints

Opinion: I lost hundreds of pounds worth of teaching during last year’s university strikes. I want a refund

Tokyo hotel serves £700 burger to welcome new Emperor

Angry reaction at the ‘bizarre’ end to Jussie Smollett race attack case

Russian oligarch wins back £330m superyacht in historic divorce battle

Marriage is becoming ‘more social and less sacred’ as church ceremonies hit a record low

Debenhams agrees £200m lifeline – but Mike Ashley could still move in

A businessman was detained at Gatwick Airport for wearing ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ badge

A company in China forced staff to drink urine and eat cockroaches if they failed to reach sales targets

San Francisco votes to make tech giants pay ‘homeless tax’

Pensioner turns up at home two months after his family buried him

Dog owners banned from walking their dogs in public or during the day in Chinese city

Brittany Ferries warn that customers are putting off French holidays due to Brexit

HuffPost UK

Sheffield Uni Professor Leaves Post After Accusations Of Promoting Conspiracy Theories

Universal Credit: Meet The Woman Taking On The DWP Over Her Daughter’s Death

Opinion: This Movember, Remember That The Tories Have Destroyed Men’s Mental Health And Left Volunteers To Pick Up The Pieces

Forge Press

Sheffield University lecturer under fire for ‘undermining anti-Semitism’ in Labour Party

Sheffield University ‘conspiracy theory’ professor quits

Revealed: Sheffield SU ‘exploiting’ its least paid staff in angry standoff

Revealed: University of Sheffield ‘betrayal’ over fossil fuel divestment failure

Tony got his flypast: the incredible story that captured Sheffield and the nation

Sheffield City Council shreds ‘Weinstein Burger’ after Feminist Society pressure

Exclusive: Randy’s Sheffield, the ‘Weinstein Burger’ restaurant, is in rent arrears

‘Terror’ at Reclaim the Night: Sheffield SU officer claims women were ‘spat’ at on march

Revealed: CODE bar crawl controversy prompts Sheffield SU clamp down

BREAKING: Sheffield lecturers reject deal that could have seen strike cancelled

Sport goes social to promote happiness and wellbeing

Hundreds of students and staff defiantly march through Sheffield demanding fair pensions

Green Party leader calls Uni of Sheffield Vice-Chancellor’s salary “obscene”


Schools Are The ‘Unofficial Emergency Service’ For The Victims Of Britain’s Poverty, Head Teachers Warn

Home Office Broke Law In Treatment Of Highly Skilled Migrants, Court Rules

Funding Shortfalls For Special Educational Needs Causing ‘Untold Misery’

The NHS Must Give Women More Choice on Abortion, Says Watchdog

Autism Going Undiagnosed In Young Girls And Transgender Children

Scottish Government Set To Miss Targets On Child Poverty

Breaking: Former British Soldier To Be Charged Over Bloody Sunday Shootings

Universal Credit Should Reward Job Hunters Putting In ‘Maximum Effort’, Says Thinktank

School To Discuss Parent Concerns About Curriculum, After Protests Over LGBT+ Education

Vulnerable Children Are Being Targeted By Gangs

No-Deal Brexit Could Threaten Lives Of Diabetes Patients, Charities Warn

Mental Health Act Needs Sweeping Reform To Bring Rights ‘Into The 21st Century’

RightsInfo news features

What Happened To London 2012’s Paralympic Legacy?

The Landmark Legal Challenge to Universal Credit System Explained

Hopes And Fears: We Asked Erasmus Students About Their Rights As Brexit Draws Closer

The Biggest Challenges Ahead For Britain’s New Education Secretary

North Devon Gazette

Busy bank holiday weekend for ambulance crews in North Devon

Brexit hate crime steers clear of North Devon

Pictures: ‘You’re not welcome here’ say Barnstaple Trump protesters

First Barnstaple Pride march is a ‘landmark moment’

Wounded veterans dive beneath Lundy Island coast to explore shipwreck

Pictures: Thousands flock to Pilton Green Man Festival 2018

Virtual monsters pop up all over North Devon as Pokémon craze sweeps Britain

Pictures and video: Rapturous applause at festival to honour Pilton’s late greats

Bideford woman hopes to share 40th birthday party with Gary Barlow

Heritage steamship begins voyage to Bideford

North Devon athletes compete on national stage at Gateshead

Quaking good time at Chulmleigh old fair

Bideford awards citizen of the year for ‘tireless’ work in community

Hundreds of students and staff defiantly march through Sheffield demanding fair pensions

Forge Press, Forge Today online, Uncategorized

See it published: Forge Press. This was a lead story in the print paper.

Scenes of defiance, anger and determination erupted across Sheffield City Centre today as hundreds of students and striking lecturers marched in unity against cuts to staff pensions.

Trump’s Assault On Climate Change Is Capitalism At Its Worst: Civil Society Must Resist

Huffington Post, Uncategorized


I have one thing to say to you, Donald Trump – you are a manipulative, bigoted and pathetic man. How, when it has been tried and tested that environmental sustainability accelerates economic growth can you claim the opposite? What is it about you that is so present-orientated, so short-sighted, so ignorant? The answers are clear, and it is not like we are all surprised at this. I have resisted until now the urge to spill out my seething anger with your clique of White, suited, wealthy men that now govern the United States, but this is the final straw. As a member of the Green Party and a passionate environmentalist, I cannot stay quiet any longer.

The announcement that the newly ‘elected’ (remember Russia? Most in the media have forgotten) White House is backtracking on Obama’s generational commitment to clean power was only to be expected, but it is no less scandalous. Obama’s clean power plan is set to reduce US carbon dioxide emissions by 32% below 2005 levels, and currently prevents more than 1.8bn tons of coal from some 24 mines, which if allowed to be burned would emit the carbon dioxide emissions equal to 700m cars, it is estimated. But despite its significance this is one environmental policy among many now under threat. Trump’s executive order also covers significant amounts of fracking regulation, the 2013 climate action plan, Obama’s 2015 rule requiring permits for any actions that may pollute major water sources, and the very existence of the Environmental Protection Agency, from which he outrageously announced yesterday’s executive order.

But we must not get carried away with glorifying Obama, for his record is by no means flawless. Although a Democrat, he like his predecessors since Ronald Reagan could not resist the urge of neoliberalism (based around free market capitalism) to undemocratically and unaccountably corrupt the globe. Indeed, a collaborative investigation between Columbia University and The Guardian found that during Obama’s two terms in office the US Export Import Bank – closely linked with the treasury – financed $34bn of fossil fuel coal plants, pipelines and refineries across the globe from Columbia to Australia. Nonetheless, Obama’s record was a marked improvement on his predecessors, such as his proposal of new fuel economy regulations for trucks and cars, set to reduce carbon emissions by 1.1bn tons. Perhaps most progressively, the Obama administration also showed the leadership on the global stage that was a long time coming for the world’s largest economy (albeit soon to be overtaken by China). This was apparent by Obama’s investment of $3bn into the Green Climate Fund, supporting environmentally clean economic growth in ‘developing’ countries, and of course the USA’s landmark commitment to the Kyoto Protocol at the Paris Agreement, ratified last year.

That every one of these measures is now under threat thanks to the deluded Trumpian drive towards some fantastical economic dream represents the worst face of predatory capitalism. Most in the media are too scared to say the word (apparently it’s too extreme), but lets call this out for what it is: predatory, uncompromising, dark capitalism. Since the abominable economic overhaul led by Thatcher and Reagan throughout the 1980s, the US, Europe and increasingly many new industrial powerhouses in Eastern Asia and Southern America have relied upon the neoliberal myth that the free market, deregulation, privatisation, and corporatisation are the only means for economic growth. Just look at the level of inequality across these continents, and between these countries and underdeveloped countries, maintained as poor and inefficient by the self-seeking neoliberal model, to see how far it has got us.

The Trumpian economic model is a variation of this, for his protectionism is somewhat unique. In many ways, this is worse as the Trump team are using a nationalist vision for US economic growth and US economic growth only as their justification for destroying the planet. But this vision is deeply flawed. A White House that really acts in the interests of American people would be leading the global effort for protecting this planet, its natural beauty, its species, and its natural resources for future generations to enjoy. Rather, we have a Trump administration that lies through its teeth that it is “bringing back our jobs, bringing back our dreams and making America wealthy again.” That Trump was surrounded by coalminers as he made yesterday’s announcement says it all. The White House proclaims that this is “put[ting] our coalminers back to work”. Get real.

Let’s be clear: this is not about workers. Wonder why businesses are ‘flooding back’, as Trump would say, to the US? Wonder why there is such a focus on coal? The corporates at the helm of these monstrous trans-national corporations are in Trump’s pocket. Indeed, this predatory capitalism has infected the very heart of the White House; many of the patriarchs in Trump’s cabinet are classic revolving door capitalists. As Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse (ironic!) puts it, “The most voracious and malign special interest in American politics – the fossil fuel industry – has captured the Trump administration” and is fighting anything and everything “that gets in the way of its profits.” This assault on environmental protection is part of a wider picture: taxes for wealthy individuals and businesses are plummeting; crucial regulations built over many years to protect the global economy and environment are being hacked away with bloodthirsty viciousness; workers’ rights are being decimated with alarming speed; inequality is becoming more profound (I wonder why…). Trump and his wealthy friends are ruling America, they’re ruling the world, and it is ordinary people globally that will suffer, for generations.

I joined the Green Party a fortnight ago because I care about our planet (and the Labour Party has become painfully ineffective opposition, but that’s for another time). A world-leading economy must be green and sustainable to survive. As economist Laurence Tubiana of the European Climate Foundation rightly put it yesterday, if it passes through the courts, this executive order “will hurt the vast majority of Americans as it will propel the economy backwards so it resembles something from the 19th century.” The regression is remarkable. The bigotry emanating from the White House is not something to banter about over pints or coffee. No, this is something civil society should absolutely be protesting against. As I have said, these measures will have an impact far beyond the shores of the states, and as a Briton, I fear that Theresa May’s substanceless, shambolic government will join the club. After all, we have the disgrace that is Liam Fox as International Trade Secretary. This fear is legitimised if one looks at how far we have trodden down the fateful path of neoliberalism so far. We must not accept this.

The beast of capitalism has slid under most noses for too long, but now it is exhibited within the White House for all to see. Trump and his team are not ‘maniacs’, the world has not ‘gone mad’. No these people know exactly what they are doing, and they love such escapist labels. It is precisely us, civil society, that must stop them in their tracks with this loud and clear message: you may have ruled the world until now, but no longer.

Short Film: RNLI Lifeguards


I voluntarily shot this short film for North Devon Moving Image in September 2014 to showcase the brilliant work of the work the RNLI Lifeguards do nationally. This was filmed on one morning at Croyde Beach and I also composed the music. Please give it a watch and share!