Green Party leader calls Vice Chancellor’s salary “obscene”

Forge Press

See this published for Forge Press. This made the front page in print.

Caroline Lucas has called the salary of the University’s Vice-Chancellor Keith Burnett “obscene” and supported the striking Sheffield lecturers whilst visiting the city.

Speaking with Forge Press before meeting Sheffield Young Greens, the Green Party co-leader said of Keith Burnett’s salary: “it is incredibly corrosive in terms of a sense of growing equality and dignity in work. I don’t think there is any justification for salaries of that kind.”

She was also supportive of the impending UCU strike: “My heart goes out to any students’ education that is being disrupted. [But] it is precisely because they care about the quality of student education for the longer term that they’re feeling this is the only way to make their voices heard.

“I just think those times when the NUS and the UCU are hand-in-hand are incredibly powerful.”

Here for a talk titled ‘A green future – what would it look like?’, the Brighton MP was also confident that left/right British politics will break down within the next decade and the Greens will become mainstream, offset against populist parties.

Lucas also lamented an “intergenerational crisis” in Britain and saw Brexit as an ‘if’ that will be “closing down people’s possibilities and horizons at the very time when you want to be looking outwards.”

Read her full interview with Forge at the Forge Today website.

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