No, don’t listen to your elders

North Devon Journal

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Contrary to what Nigel Farage says, last Thursday was a tragic day for our country, but more importantly for us – its young generation.

It didn’t take much for majority of Britain’s older generation to fall for the blustering rhetoric of the Leave campaign – 61% of those aged over 65 voted leave.

But then compare this to the slim 25% of those aged 18-24 who voted for a Brexit, a shocking statistic that has massive implications.

The hashtag ‘NotInOurName’ has been a popular trend on Twitter since the result was revealed, highlighting how distraught, outraged and cheated the majority of young people in Britain feel.

The Vote Leave campaign dismissed the numerous social, economic and environmental warnings as ‘scaremongering’. All they wanted to hear was ‘immigration’,’ ‘£350m a week’ and perhaps the most overused, deceptive and vacuous mantra in history: ‘Vote Leave, take back control’. Now these warnings have become the reality, and some who voted leave are even wanting to reverse their votes!

Then there’s someone like myself. I’m 17, six months short of 18 and I, like many others, had a prominent voice in the Stronger In campaign and cared intently about this momentous political decision. Yet, when it came to polling day I was powerless. Is it really fair that our futures have been decided by those three times our age?

This is a travesty. The young generation warned you, we tried to get our voices heard, but you ignored us. Though hindsight is a wonderful thing, now we have to live with your mistake. We can only cling on to the hope that we will rejoin the EU some time in the future.


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