Bideford awards Citizen of the Year for ‘tireless’ work in community

North Devon Gazette

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A Bideford man has been awarded Citizen of the Year for his outstanding work for the community.

Jeff Bracey, from Londonderry estate, has been awarded by Bideford Town Council for his tireless work tidying the greens, verges and flowerbeds on the Londonderry Farm estate.

The locally prestigious award recognises people and organisations that significantly contribute to the Bideford community, helping to improve the lives of residents.

Mr Bracey was nominated by former mayor, Councillor Trevor Johns, who felt the honour reflected the appreciation felt by the entire Londonderry community.

He said: “He’s given pride to our whole estate and he gets a constant march of appreciation.

“Large swathes of grass area is having to be cut by local councils nowadays but Jeff keeps the green cut all year round, all at his own expense.”

Mr Bracey was presented with the honour at the mayor’s introduction ceremony in Bideford Town Hall on June 2.

The Young Citizen of the Year award has been won by Scott Craner, who will be presented at the next Bideford Town Council meeting on June 23.

Fancy contending for next year’s award? Those living in Bideford and elsewhere who deliver a stunning service to Bideford, perhaps through keeping the area tidy or caring for the elderly, can find out more at the Bideford Town Council website.

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