Park School pupils top of the class for attendance

North Devon Gazette

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Five school leavers at Park School in Barnstaple have celebrated flawless attendance across their school careers.

Students Alison Bell, Cameron Fuller, Patrick Jump, Hannah Kinsman and Kerrie McGuire all clocked up 100 per cent attendance records across five years of secondary school.

And fellow year 11 students Dan Eastley, Callum Huxtable, Abigail Sherbourne and Hannah Slade were also recognised for their 99 per cent attendance.

Alison Bell, who hasn’t missed a single day, said: “I strive to do well in school and have enjoyed coming in each day to see my friends and learning new things.”

Dan Eastley said that his secret to success was keeping healthy, and added: “I do think you should go to school even if you have a cold.”

Headteacher Mr Gareth Roscoe said: “To have achieved 99 per cent or 100 per cent attendance across a school career shows a high level of commitment, determination and resilience.”

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