Life-saving defibrillator for Instow

North Devon Gazette

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A life-saving defibrillator has been installed at Instow Village Hall in preparation for the summer season.

The design is portable, has step-by-step voiced instructions and lights up at night, meaning 999 call handlers can direct people to it in the event of a cardiac arrest.

It was funded mainly by Instow Parish Council in partnership with The Community Heartbeat Trust, a charity which supplies defibrillators to communities across the country.

The need for a defibrillator in Instow increased following the vital role one of two such devices played during a cardiac arrest at the annual gig rowing event in Appledore last year.

After consulting with the Environment Agency and BT over possible locations on the waterfront or in telephone boxes, the decision was made to place it at village hall, due to the need for a power supply and a temperature above freezing.

William Vandersteen, Instow Parish Councillor, thanked the Village Hall Committee and the trust for their support in making this device possible.

“These are actively encouraged so we felt we needed one. An attempt at regaining consciousness is better than no attempt,” he said.

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